A collapse in Arctic sea ice volume spells disaster for the rest of the planet
Joe Romm

Given the changes you present in ice volumes and the insignificant changes in global climate, nearly all of the rest of us, who do not make a living using the hysteria you attempt to engender, find these sort of presentations very unimpressive.

Global climate is always changing, on that we agree. Where we part ways would be in the draconian solution, with massive shift in power and funds to a ‘climate elite’, that would never never never end. The climate elite would still maintain their grip on power and wealth when the globe is being crushed under massive new glaciers, moving ominously towards the south to once again blanket North America!!! We know how this goes!!

Once human creations exist, they never go away, it’s always in some bureaucrats grasp to redefine the agenda. The March of Dimes was created to help find a cure for Polio…remember? Still here, just one tiny example of the eternal life of organization and programs.

Really, you can keep beating your scary drums, but the rest of us have moved on.

One more point. Earthworms did not exist in the northeast America in which the pilgrims landed. They were still moving north, following the glacial retreat of the last ice age. That is how recently the globe begin to warm…..really. Really.

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