It might feel good, but February’s intense heat is a very bad sign
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I think, using your own words, that this is just ‘weather’, not ‘global climate change’….let’s wait another few decades to monitor actual changes, eh?

Most of us are very happy that Trump is reintroducing sanity into the tyranny of Federal over reach. Aren’t you?

Doesn’t this make you wish that you’d been in favor of stronger ‘states rights’ when the baker was fined for suggesting her potential clients find another baker?

Isn’t the massive over reach of the EPA and every other agency into the most intimate details of your life, such as bathroom choice, make you just furious?

Like the rest of us who voted for the self absorbed, bloviating, but so politically INCORRECT President Trump!! At least he’s not Hillary and he’s sticking his thumb right in the eye of every dimwitted Progressive! Out here in the working world, we love that, just love it!!!!!!!

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