Equipped and Ready

Daily Reflection —August 4, 2017

Thank God it’s Friday!

Today, I was just simply reminded of the things I usually pray from the past weeks. It has been very different from the past weeks I had. This Friday marked my 1st week as a working girl, and it just simply made me happy for everything has really made sense. All my questions about my career from the past weeks were turned into praises because they were answered by the Lord, and for that I am truly grateful.

I usually reflect all the things that happened to me on weekdays during Fridays. In Fridays, I calm myself and pray for more hopeful days to come. Today, as I pray, I simply thank the Lord for a chance to know more about the nature of my work and the people I will work with. This made me realize that this work is what I was really looking for. With all the rejection I had from the same type of job and even to those that are not, it is always the genuine desire in our hearts that matters and is granted by Him. I believe this is the work I was looking for not only because I truly desired it, but because this is where the Lord planted my purpose, and this is where I can grow better as His missionary, in any ways possible.

It’s not always the same because these are the other things that God made me realized from the past weeks: For all the things I know I desired but wasn’t granted, I simply believe that God took that away because it was unnecessary for me. For all the things that happened but turned out bad, it is God allowing that to happen because it the best way possible that we can learn from our mistakes and mishaps. Ultimately, for all our the genuine desires we have been praying for but we felt it’s taking too long to unfold, it is God executing His plans with perfect timing and is revealing it in His most unfathomable way.

I continuously pray and ask the Lord for His guidance and wisdom as more days and weeks pass by as a working girl. I just believe that He will provide and will continue to work on my life; in whatever ways it will happen for God has already equipped me through the things that happened to me from the past.

For all of this, I declare "Lord, I’m ready."

Today’s Reflection Song