The Little Things

Daily Reflection —August 3, 2017

If God has the capacity to show His love to us through extravagant things that happened on our lives, of course, He can also show it through His own little things. If we see this little things that often, then we would be more grateful and realize that God is really pouring us her wonderful graces even through the simplest things.

Today, one of the many little things I was grateful for is when He woke me up earlier than usual that I had the time to prepare my lunch for work. He woke me up, knowing that this lunch I prepared would really make sense.

The money in my wallet is so limited that I really needed to spend lesser than less just to make it through the week. If it wasn’t for the lunch I made today, I don’t think I would even make it through this day. I am a literal representation of #broke this week. If the Lord didn’t woke me up earlier than usual today, I won’t make that lunch that helped me get through the day. This made sense when I opened my payroll account today without knowing that I needed to pay an initial deposit as well. I was shaken for a while, thinking how much was left in my wallet. But the Lord is so good that He woke me up earlier to prepare my lunch, that I wasn’t able to spend any money for food. This is when I realized that God has once again showed His wonderful little graces.

Little things are beautiful, for they’re the ones that make the bigger picture of life. If we learn how to appreciate these little things, we would always see how God loves us even on the smallest detail. He loves every bits of us, even our imperfections, that’s why He bless us with His little wondeful graces.

Praise God for His little but meaningful little things.

Today’s Reflection Song