This is just wrong — and it’s not because people don’t like us or our content. Facebook is just doing bad business. We pay them, and it’s like our money is being tossed into a dumpster fire. And yet, like beggars, publishers come back again and again hoping for scraps of traffic, hoping that Facebook like Mr. Scrooge will give us a break at Christmastime maybe.
I’m Angry At Facebook
Ericka Andersen

Isn’t this a sign of a failing model, unsustainable growth? Likes on a page will not guarantee your post being seen anymore. I’ve found myself missing posts from pages I like and frequently visit. Why? Because Facebook is getting too crowded, a normal person can’t keep up with all that information she subscribed for.

For companies this means a problem since a like is not valued (doesn’t generate post engagement, clicks etc) as much anymore as 3–4 years ago. In that sense it was wasted money since it doesn’t give you a return anymore. (Here I would argue that in most cases a like for two years ago generated more value than its cost was.)

And this won’t get any better until Facebook-marketing’s efficiency is down to other channels’ or someone comes up with a newer better model.