The Action Continues: 10 Climate Actions To Take in a Global Lockdown

Baliqees Salaudeen
4 min readJun 7, 2020


A global lock-down is what the world has embraced as a possible solution to the ravaging COVID19 pandemic. To be honest, finding a solution to the corona virus is important because the world needs a solution — a vaccine in this case.

How about a solution to the changing climate? This is why we definitely cannot slow down on Climate Action as that’s designing the much-needed roadmap to solve the climate crisis that has been before COVID19 and will possibly remain for a longer period — depending on how we act. Therefore, our work to solve the climate crisis and create a sustainable and healthy future for all must continue, regardless.

While you and yours are taking all precautions to stay safe, here are top 10 Climate Actions you can take from your home:

1. Recycle: Now that you are spending more time at home, we need to be more conscious about how we throw things away. In your home, do you know that you can recycle plastic bottles to toothbrush holder, soap and sanitizer dispenser, soap holder, plant holder? You can also recycle your papers into wallpapers, greeting cards etc. Used Clothes, cartoons, used bedspread, shoes, plastic bags are home items that can be recycled. There are practical Do-It-Yourself tutorials to guide you.

2. Walk not Drive: Now that there is a global lockdown and restricted movements, it is baseless to join the clique of those who just drive around for fun. I’m not saying you should get rid of your car or stop driving, the COVID-19 Pandemic has presented a lifestyle that we now use our cars less. Recent publications have revealed how the air quality global has greatly improved and this is not unconnected with car emissions. If everyone can drive less, we would make a big impact.

3. Plant Trees and Shrubs: You can now impact your immediate community by planting different species of trees in your compound or in your home. The benefits are innumerable. For outdoor plantings, ensure your plants are about 15-feet away from the house. For indoor planting, use appropriate containers and ensure proper aeration. Feel free to explore the internet on the kind of trees you can plant. You can also consider climate-smart gardening (CSG).

4. Join Climate Platforms: Everybody can take actions together to solve the Climate Crisis. There are loads of groups and platforms you can join that can help you take collective actions from home rather than duplicating efforts. Although, you can take actions as it is best convenient for you.

5. Make your voice count: while at home you must ensure that you don’t stop amplifying your voice whether through signing a petition, supporting an action, participating in a virtual event, or amplifying an organization you trust on social media. I recommend the Global Citizen App, you can do more of these on the app conveniently.

6. Calls and Mails also count: We must continue to hold our elected officials accountable and to drive good policies that will guide Climate Actions in your country. If you have the mobile number of these officials, call them, if you have their emails, mail them. But please ensure you understand how Climate Crisis is affecting your community, society and country, and Know your facts. Being knowledgeable about the climate crisis can help you better engage with elected officials and policymakers. You can better explain to them how their actions can stop this crisis. Be brief and go straight to the point. Ensure to follow up via SMS and Mail Reminders.

7. Tell Your Family: it is important for your family to also engage with you in taking Climate Action while staying at home together. You can serve as a volunteer who will teach and show them some of the realities of Climate Change and how their actions can contribute to ending the Climate Crisis.

8. Take Online Classes: it is extremely important to understand what you are advocating for. You can learn more by taking free online courses on climate change. Reading articles online and also by following reports on trusted platforms. Once you are able to achieve all this, you would have built more confidence before the end of COVID-19.

9. Use your social media platform: Today, around the world, billions of people are now active on social media which means that this is the best time to reach out to more people and teach them about Climate Crisis; how it is affecting our communities and actions people can take to stop another crisis from putting the world on hold. Social platforms like: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and even Tiktok are great for spreading the gospel of Climate Actions to people.

10. Save Energy: According to NSTAR, 29% of the energy used in non-residential buildings is for lighting. If you turn off the lights whenever you leave a room, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.15 pounds per hour.

Regardless of who we are, where we are and where we are from, our little climate action matters.



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