The Angel that Flew Away

The Rain clouds overthrow the sun filled sky,

With you on my mind I stop and wonder why,


What went wrong,

You said you would never leave but now you’re gone,

Resulting to bottles losing the ones that you love,

Leaving me to tears with the words of an angel that went from heaven to hell,

it appears that all that I was was a prisoner in a cell,

confined by the love I have for everyone,

locked with the fact above no one wants the love.

Why all the phone calls but when I text you you don’t reply,

Blinded by the lies that you had deceived right in my mind,

Love plays it’s games in many ways,

I just couldn’t see it playing out this way,

Like Drake said “started from the bottom now we here” except now I hit rock bottom went past from where we started,

I went from having a choice to having nothing at all, all I can do is sit back as I endure the fall.

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