And how Black Lives Matter is carrying it forward

We are coming out of an era that depended on competition for progress and suffered the consequences in the forms of war, class struggle, mental instability, and a great deal of emotional suffering.

Black Lives Matter is now advocating for a change in our tactics, divesting from armed forces and investing into communities. Though this might seem like a mere movement into a more generous welfare state, its potential to radically change the way we think about government and society is tremendous…

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1/9 Falling from Eden

We have lived under a stark division of the genders for so long, we…

Por qué el contrato social no funciona y cómo crear un nuevo mundo

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Entre las muchas doctrinas que se nos inculcan desde pequeños, una de las más comunes a nivel mundial es la idea de que el gobierno existe para garantizar la seguridad y felicidad de su ciudadanía.

Por lo tanto, cuando vemos que ese rol no se cumple con feminicidios, desapariciones, y crimen sin investigación, nos sentimos traicionadas e indignadas. Nos sentimos obligadas a forzar al gobierno a cumplir con su cláusula en la forma de marchas, acción directa, y toda la indignación que podemos expresar.

Desde esta perspectiva, el problema más grande de la sociedad es de naturaleza moral: la corrupción…

a.k.a A Solution to Everything

I have lots to share regarding the ways our current economic mindset and practices are failing us. However, instead of dragging you, dear reader, through several posts that build up to my proposal for a better world, I’ll cut the chase and jump right to it:

Let us, in our immediate community, without centralized authority interference, quantify our basic needs and meet them.

Now, this is no break-through idea. Many other thinkers and communities are already applying these concepts, particularly the adherents to the Transition Towns movement. …

Those of us who have examined our violent human history and become aware of the waste we have laid on the land, have often developed a form of chronic, species-wide self-loathing.

But instead of encouraging us to be better, could this gloomy regard for humanity be the ultimate form of self-fulfilling prophecy? Is there another way to think about ourselves that could better propel us forward?

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1/5. Seeds from the stars

Starseeds are said to be beings from extraterrestrial civilizations who incarnated on Earth to help our kind evolve. …

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Compulsive thinker and theorist of all things common, cooperative, and compassionate. Also likes alliterations.

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