Like a coloration, we are in this world. Adding spice and colour with distinctive traits and manners and approaches to living life.

Uniqueness encompassing opinions and belief as we are different with different approaches to life and the things we do, we paint the world in our uniqueness.

Round, round and round every single person in this world is a color, painting the world the way we want and giving it life, making it a way we want it. It is funny how the rich, the poor, the wise, the foolish all have an impact with painting life.

No one is a waste of space, the world is a rainbow because you are in it, because he is in it, because she is in it, because every living being like you and I are like colors and we paint the world and make it shine.

The world is beautiful because the world has you! Either you are fair or dark, short or tall, A master or a slave, because you exist you add to life. You are alive to add your own colour to your world!!! Let’s make a rainbow out of our world with our inherent colors that nature has put in us. Painting the world in your way, painting the world in my way today by being who I am, you can be who you are!.