Object-Oriented Design Patterns #1 — Series of Notes

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I’m a software engineer. And this is a series of my notes about object-oriented design patterns. I have experience with both object-oriented and functional programming. This is why I can provide a critical vision of these programming paradigms w/o a blind passion for one of them.

This series consists of articles about popular design patterns and “live” examples.

Example code is written with TypeScript; this language looks like the best option for making a general concepts overview.

“Live” examples may be found on a special GitHub page. I used the awesome @epam/uui React components library to develop them.

See my GitHub repo for more details.

Why you may need this series?

  • Quickly refresh OO design patterns.
  • Remember patterns using “live” examples.
  • Understand use cases for different patterns.

In-depth info

I’m referencing the following resources developing these series. They may be useful to find in-depth information about a topic you are interested in.





Русский военный корабль, иди нахуй! | Lead Software Engineer at EPAM | Blogger

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Bohdan Balov 🇺🇦

Bohdan Balov 🇺🇦

Русский военный корабль, иди нахуй! | Lead Software Engineer at EPAM | Blogger

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