Seven Deadly Sins Ep 1&2 Review

I have never gotten so riled up like I did. I literally gotten up about 15 times, flipping my office table, and slapping my hands together. No, just no! You don’t do this to me! I couldn’t take it! Here are some of my complaints!
• One: For someone who hasn’t had any form of intimate contact from a guy in years, I for one, am MAD! It’s been a minute since I watched season 1, but I forgot how Meliodas stuffs his face in Elizabeth’s crotch. It was at that moment when I realized that I was beyond sexually frustrated. FML
• Two: If Meliodas asked me what I wanted him to do, I would have told him to drop those pants and $*%& @*$@ @@$(!&$ $(@&$!!!! Hun, he gave you something that everyone was fighting over the entire day! He gave you the opportunity to tell him what to do! Do what we Meliodas fans can only dream of! Take advantage of that! 
• Three: King, for the love of all that is holy and yellow, why did I think you were going to do some awesome Fairy fighting moves. This guy, who is not even worth mentioning right now, wants your girl! Fuck his ass up! Handle your business! I literally fell with everyone else when you finally revealed your special technique.
• Four: I am mad at Ban and Meliodas! I thought you guys hated each other, and were out for blood. I was scared shitless! I didn’t want anything to happen to either one of you guys cause, like Elizabeth, I care. Now that I know you guys just needed to let off some steam, you can just jump off a bridge. *Fucking making me scared for no reason (grabs bottle of beer and chugs it)*
• Five: I have never seen so much blood since my last period. Geez, I would hate to get punched, slapped, or even flicked in the head by either one of them. Talk about the quickest way for everyone to see your brain…
• Six: Finally! Why did those two innocent people have to die just cause they saw an arm flying in the air. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please watch after the credits. The boy just wanted to tell his dad what he saw. Mind you, I would have kicked that child’s ass. First and foremost, close the door once coming inside. Second, don’t talk to strangers. Third, why is the dad encouraging the boy to talk. If I was him, I would be beating the shit out of the guy for coming to the front door like he owned the place. Sorry, do you pay rent? No? Then get the fuck out! (Sorry but living in Jersey for my entire life has made me impatient for these things!)
I know there were other points I wanted to make, but I didn’t want it to be long. I will update with more episode reviews soon!
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