Do something fun

For my do something fun, I decided to ask my coworkers if they wanted to do an activity after work. My supervisor then instructed that she wanted to try a new game about trust, as well as deciding how we all stand when it comes to our personalities. We all started off in a straight line, blindfolded, and then had to take steps forward, or backward depending on if we agree to a statement given. This was a lot of fun as many people did not know how to walk forward (or backward) in a straight line! I bumped into many different people! After this was complete, we were in another line, and the same activity was done again, determining where we were. From this activity I learned that my coworkers are very silly, as shown in the photo, and I was able to bond with them even more! I also did another fun thing this past week, which was going skating! I am a figure skater, however since college started, I have not been skating since and I really wanted to go! Since this assignment was the perfect time for an “excuse” and go skating, I jumped on the opportunity! I was the only one at the rink, which made the activity even more fun!

Mind Map (image)

Mind Map Digitization
Initial Mind Map

For my mind map, I initially started with a blank map again, not using the one we made in class. I thought of the first things that I think of whenit comes to health and wellness, and to me that was medical, and excersise. From there I started adding as much as I could with those two options. Once I ran out of ideas, I started thinking of other ways that could constitute as health and wellness, and my next thought was nutrition and food. After thinking about these three topics for quite some time, I decided to take a look at the intial mind map that Mona and I made in class. From this mind map, I was able to add shelter and mental to my map. From these new points I was able to come up with new ideas as to what I could add to my map. Above (and to the left) is a photo of the map that Mona and I started with.

Mind Map (digitization)

After doing the mind map with Mona a few days beforehand, I intially did all of my mind map through the application that was created. I then referenced the mind map that was initially created.

Suggested Themes

The three themes that I wish to focus more on is emergency, heart, and pediatrics of a hospital. This to me is a broad enough topic, because it could mean the actual building, as well as the equipment used. The reason that I want to focus on these is because I have had personal experiences with each one of these items. The first, emergency, I want to do because I am a certified EMR (emergency medical responder) as well as a trained EMT (emergency medical technician). Since I have been involved in the emergency field, I feel as though I have a wide variety and a willing to help, as I do with people. I believe that their are many new equipment that can be designed to help emergency crews provide care to their patient quicker. The second theme, heart, is also extremely special to me. About 8 years ago, my grandfather had a stroke and recevied a pacemaker and defibrillator combo. Ever since he received these devices, I have been trying to learn as much as possible about these devices. This was actually one of the reasons why I wanted to be a product design major, and help design medical devices. I believe that their are many new ideas and designs that are waiting to be discovered since this is a more recent field and study. I believe that many new ideas and devices can be created to help the patient more efficiently. The last theme is pediatrics. This theme is also really important to me. Since I was young, I have always helped out with my aunt’s daycare and held my first job there. I was able to help the children and watch them grow. I was also able to help them when it came to them being sick, as well as injured. Because of my wiliness to help, as well watching the children grow up, I began to really enjoy being around children and helping them grow. I believe that many items that are used can be redesigned to help children become more comfortable with the items that are used. It was this theme that I composed my silly ideas for.

10 Silly Ideas

My ideas came from the thought of helping children, as well as being silly. I thought about items that a child hates when they go to the doctor, as well as things that are not necessarily fun for a child. This then lead me to come up with my 10 silly ideas.

The first idea that I came up with is a butterfly needle. This is a needle that is used in the medical field, however it has been upgraded to give the children “kisses” when they receive a shot. This I thought would allow the children to become more comfortable when it came to allowing them to get a shot.

My second idea came from a blood pressure monitor. Again, thinking how I can make the children feel more comfortable, I thought about an animal giving the children a “hug.” This would allow the child to think that the animal is being nice to them, instead of having something just squeeze around their arm.

The third idea I came up with is thinking how can I get kids to take their pills? My thought was to turn the pill into one of their favorite food! So in this photo, you have the medicine, that is actually mini pizza pills! This will let kids enjoy taking their medicine!

My fourth thought was similar to my third thought in thinking how to get kids to take their medicine. My thought was that kids always soup when they are sick, so why not make cold medicine into soup! That way the kids would not even notice that they are taking medicine!

My fifth idea came from a thermometer. Again, I was thinking how to get kids to be more comfortable at the doctors office, and my thought was to have the thermometer be an animal!

The next thought actually came from my personal experiences. When I was younger, my allergies were horrible, and because of this, I had to carry around an inhaler just in case. I hated the taste of it! My thought was to change the inhaler into a tasty food that kids would love, like pizza!

My next thought came from the idea that kids are not getting enough exercise, so this machine would play music to a set amount of time and let the kids dance to it. The machine would go off everyday, and the kids would have to do it before going to bed for that day. This way it ensures that the kids are receiving the adequate amount of exercise time.

The eighth idea that I came up with is similar to a pedometer, but when they reach their goal, a box will unlock that contains a special snack for the child. This will give the kids a goal to work towards throughout the day, and allows them to remain more active.

My ninth idea also came from the thought of allowing kids to be more active. This idea has a ball that would change into different forms of outdoor activities, providing the kids with more objects to use outside. This will also allow the kids to easily bring it to places.

The last idea came again from my own personal experiences. This sink would play songs as well as flash lights while the child is washing their hands. From my experiences, kids do not wash their hands for the appropriate amount of time to kill the germs off of their hands. This sink will provide them with a fun experience and allow them to enjoy washing their hands. The lights and music will automatically shut off when the thirty minutes are up.

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