10 Lithuanian ICOs to follow in 2018

Starting from 2017, Lithuanian ICOs raised 0,5B USD totally and appeared on the world’s crypto map as one of the most trending new regions. In less than a year, Lithuanian projects ran 34 successful ICOs, collected various amounts from 3M to 151M USD.

Additionally, the Baltic region in Europe has a high concentration of Bitcoin full nodes, and Lithuania is again a leader here with 66 nodes, which is a huge amount comparing to the size of the country (2,7M population).
According to Cryptovest, “Lithuania also holds six Monero nodes (ahead of Switzerland) and three Litecoin nodes, and Estonia and Latvia have four Litecoin nodes each. Of course, nodes are not the full picture, but still, the region is ahead of other countries and the spreading of cryptocurrencies and nodes may continue in the future.”

Here is a list of 10 Lithuanian ICOs to follow in 2018!


Justas Pikelis, Co-founder of Monetha: “Community is as important after the ICO as it was before.”

Monetha is creating a universal, transferable, self-executing trust and reputation system combined with a payment solution.

Started: 31st of August, 2017 / Finished: 31st of August, 2017

Amount raised: 95000 ETH

Token and token ecosystem: A 1/3 of Monetha’s revenue will be put in the “Voucher Smart Contract” in a form of MTH tokens to token holders with an ability to claim for a voucher proportionately to the amount of MTH tokens they hold. Token holders will receive a voucher in MTH (Monetha’s currency) to use it as a discount when buying from Monetha’s merchants. This voucher would be proportional to the amount of the MTH tokens held.

Current stage: MVP launched, Monetha Club Community launched.


Ada Jonuse, CEO of Lympo: “If using the Lympo digital wallet which rewards users for reaching their personal healthy lifestyle goals using the information we track on our phones and wearables can change the behavior of its users by at least a little bit, I believe that our mission is fulfilled.”

Lympo aims to create an ecosystem powered by user-generated and user-controlled fitness and wellness data allowing the exchange of value through the introduction of LYM utility tokens.

Started: 17th of February, 2018 / Finished: 28th of February, 2018

Amount raised: 14625 ETH

Token and token ecosystem: LYM tokens will have 3 main functionalities on our platform: LYM tokens will be rewarded to our users who achieved their healthy lifestyle goals; LYM tokens will be used to purchase healthy lifestyle goods and services; LYM tokens can be invested in new innovative fitness and wellness startups.

Current stage: Lympo Fitness Wallet proof of concept launched.


Vytautas Karalevicius, CEO of Bankera: “Bankera is a bank for the blockchain era.”

Bankera is a digital bank for the blockchain era. As a traditional bank, Bankera’s services fit into three groups: Payments, Loans and Deposits, Investments.

Started: 27th of November, 2017 / Finished: 28th of February, 2018

Amount raised: $151,800,000 (175602 ETH)

Token and token ecosystem: Investors who contribute to the ICO receive Bankera tokens (BNK), which entitle holders to receive a share of the company’s net transaction revenue, paid out weekly through a smart contract.

Current stage: MVP in the form of SpectroCoin launched, Wallet capability completed.


Ilya Zydin, CEO of Sola “Sola allows every user to participate and make money, not just the known entertainers and influencers.”

Sola is the decentralized social platform governed by users. Users create, spread and earn on their information in a fair and transparent way. Anyone is free to contribute to the core platform development, or to build services on top of it.

Started: 27th of November, 2017 / Finished: 22nd of December, 2017

Amount raised: $2,233,700 (2584 ETH)

Token and token ecosystem: SOL is a pure utility token and the only currency used for transactions on the Sola platform. Inside of the Sola ecosystem, all transactions will occur exclusively in SOL. Users will be able to spend SOL to buy services and goods provided by the Sola platform and Sola’s partners.

Current stage: Public API developed.


“Linkedin Executive joined blockchain startup, which intends to create global Wi-Fi — CryptoCoinsNews.”

IUNGO is an internationally distributed wireless Internet service provider created with the help of a global community. They are building a community where anyone can shoulder responsibilities for running parts of the service delivery infrastructure and profit from the accompanying rewards.

Started: 7th of December, 2017 / Finished: 31th of January, 2018

Amount raised: $23,000,000 (26606 ETH)

Token and token ecosystem: ING token is a utility token which will be used as a medium of exchange between fiat currency and the service provided. All payments in IUNGO network will be token based.

Current stage: Cryptocurrency exchanges reached.


Nikolaj Martyniuk, CEO and Co-Founder of We Power: “We’re bringing a powerful revolutionary Product.”

WePower is launching blockchain and smart contracts powered green energy trading platform where everyone can buy, trade or invest in tokenized green energy.

Started: 1st of February, 2018 / Finished: 2nd of February, 2018

Amount raised: $40,000,000 (46272 ETH)

Token and token ecosystem: WPR token is the company’s utility token clarified with European regulator. It is structured as a reward based crowdfunding, where contributors can get free energy as a reward and they can either use it or sell on the exchange.

Current stage: WePower platform launched.

Debitum Network

Martins Liberts, CEO of Debitum Network:“We quickly noticed that the market is heavily underserved and the global market gap as estimated by the World Bank is ~2 trillion USD.”

Debitum Network is an innovative hybrid ecosystem for small business financing — utilizing Ethereum blockchain based process together with principal and interest moved using fiat.

Started: 25th of January, 2018 / Finished: 25th of February, 2018

Amount raised: 20,000 ETH

Token and token ecosystem: Debitum coin is an ERC223 token. This ecosystem based on decentralized and motivated communities brings together SME borrowers, local and regional risk assessors, debt collectors with interconnected trust-based smart contracts.

Current stage: Establishing Debitum Network in the first target country.


Andrius Putna, CEO and Co-founder of BitDegree: “I would like to see blockchain technology become part of our daily lives.”

BitDegree platform will offer students the best online courses with clear and transparent blockchain-based reward system and achievement tracking. It is also a unique tool for businesses to recruit tech talent and shape global education to their needs.

Started: 1st of December, 2017 / Finished: 29th of December, 2017

Amount raised: $22,500,000 ( 26 028 ETH)

Token and token ecosystem: BitDegree token as a mean of exchange can be used among users of the platform: Students, Sponsors, and third party Digital Service Providers.The token can be used to create smart-incentives for educational accomplishments, to purchase advertising and recruitment services, and various other digital services offered by third parties on the BitDegree platform.

Current stage: MVP is developed, launching the first Blockchain course material.

Miner One

Pranas Slusnys, CEO and Co-founder: “Miner One is not a pool and Miner One is not a cloud. Our approach is different.”

Miner One is a community of people who want to mine cryptocurrency profitably by combining resources to achieve savings on cutting-edge equipment, professional maintenance, and ultra-low-cost electricity.

Started: February, 15 (crowdsale) / Ongoing

Amount raised so far: 6212 ETH

Token and token ecosystem: Miner One’s Token is MIO.Each month you get your share of what Miner One mines for as long as you own your MIO Tokens.

Current stage: Crowdsale is running.


Marius Pareščius, CEO of Baltic.fund: “With the blockchain platform, we create a unique global crowd-acceleration ecosystem, where every person can be involved in supporting the next unicorn».

Baltic.Fund is building a blockchain investment and acceleration platform, where every person becomes a game changer in startup acceleration. By supporting the startups with BALT tokens, community members help them grow and get rewarded with their products, perks, and/or income.

Started: January, 19 (private pre-sale) / Ongoing

Amount raised: 50+ M tokens (6900 ETH) committed by private investors

Token and token ecosystem: BALT token is a utility token, designed to invest in the most promising startups. Every BALT token holder gets additional ecosystem benefits: from mentorship and seminars to discounts on software, startups’ products, industry events worldwide, co-workings and community services.

Current stage: Public pre-sale with 15% bonus is running.

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