Baltic.Fund acceleration platform: how it works?

Who are we?

We are an accelerator and VC, growing the most promising Baltics and CIS startups from the very pre-seed to A stage. We invest in hardware and robotics, cybersecurity, enterprise software, fintech, AI and blockchain based projects. Starting from 2015 we worked with cybersecurity and hardware startups, in 2018 we are launching our first fintech and enterprise batch in collaboration with a global bank.

So, what is the problem?

We receive tons of applications from startups daily. Do you know what is the main problem with angel investments in startups nowadays? A startup burns money, an angel investor loses money, the project gets nowhere. That’s because most of the startups don’t get professional support at their very early stages — just some investments, if they are lucky.

How can we solve it?

We build a growth platform, where startups from any part of the world can go through the acceleration process, get mentorship, expertise, customers, community support, growth services and investors. And the investors have an opportunity to support the startups acceleration with their tokens and get options from startups. The analytics part is empowered by AI, which makes evaluations and predictions, based not only on startup current traction and KPIs but also on the market news (from media to databases, such as, deals, expert opinions, stocks, etc. It allows an investor to make data-driven decisions, stay updated and choose the most efficient exit strategy.

How acceleration helps startups?

During the online acceleration process on our platform, the startup receives the following expertise and support:

– business development, business analytics, and go-to-market strategy

– sales and marketing

– unit-economy and monetization models

– communication, media, and PR

– legal services and paperwork (from company setup and shareholders agreement to seminars on GDPR implementation)

– tech and product development

How far do they get thanks to the acceleration? At least, their capitalizations and attractiveness for the professional investors grow several times. The most successful ones receive investment proposal already during the acceleration program.

How platform helps investors?

Firstly, we pre-select the most promising startups out of thousands. We use an AI-based analysis tool to narrow the list, but the final preselection is up to industry experts. The platform offers the investors, which startups to support, based on their investment background, personal preferences, and exit strategy. The platform manages the whole acceleration process and paperwork, offering the investor weekly results of the acceleration. During the last 4 weeks of the acceleration, startups are introduced to matching seed/A-round investors worldwide. The early investors decide either they convert their options or sell them to the seed/ A-round investor(s) and exit. The platform offers the investors recommendations and projections based on predictive analysis, AI and experts opinions.

So, what it has to do with the ICO?

Acceleration program costs a certain amount of BALT tokens for each startup, depending on the startup score. We sell these tokens to investors during our ICO. Investor uses these tokens to fund a startup(s) acceleration. Startup(s) offers investor (s) an option, which can later be converted into equity share or sold to the next investor during the seed funding round.

How does the blockchain fit here?

Our goal is to make the whole process from pre-selection to exit totally transparent for every investor. Investor will be able to track each step and each stage of startup acceleration and later to track all the offers from potential seed/A-round investors.

How do we pre-select startups?

– working MVP, traction, paying users

– realistic business model

– english-speaking founders with at least some entrepreneurial experience

– trending industries: cybersecurity, enterprise, blockchain, AI/ML, edtech, fintech, energy, shared economy, and others

How are we doing so far

– 60 000 000 tokens are sold to the whitelisted crypto holders or committed by the professional investors during the private/public pre-ICOs

– the application process for startups launches in the middle of April

– several strategic partnerships with global corporations on startup mentoring


April 26–27, 2018, May 24–25, 2018, June 18–19, 2018 — public sales for whitelisted investors

April 2018 — September 2018 — startup application period

July 2018 — platform pre-launch

July 2018 — token hits the exchanges

August 2018 — platform launch

July 2018 — token hits the exchanges

August 2018 — pre-selection and due-diligence starts

September 2018 — investors get their offers on deals and start supporting startups

September 2018 — first batches start their acceleration programs

February 2019 — first exits for the platform investors

September 2019 — last batches finish their acceleration programs

January 2020 — all investors exit or convert their options

Target numbers

– 10 000 application in 2018–2019

– 500 startups to be chosen for the acceleration programs

– 25 batches (20 startups per batch) to run in 2018–2019

– the duration of one batch is 12 weeks

– 300 mentors, experts and digital professionals from worldwide are to be involved in the acceleration programs

– 500 exits during 2019

Token description

BALT token is a utility ERC-20 token issued by Baltic Fund. The token price for pre-sale was 0,0002 ETH, the token sale price is 0,00025 ETH. The total taken supply is 165 000 000 tokens, where 150 000 000 are for sale and 15 000 000 are to be used for team, advisors, supporters, and bounty.

Use of funds:

15% — platform development

15% — startup scouting and preselection

50% — acceleration programs

10% — investment relations: roadshows, events, etc.

10% — Baltic.Fund success fee

Become a game changer in startup acceleration! Support the startups with your BALT tokens to help them grow, return your investments and make the world a better place!

How to join our BALT community:

Register for the whitelist for the public sale now! 10% bonus is still available. The sale duration is less then 48 hours: April 26–27, 2018

The price of 1 BALT token is 0,00025 ETH, minimum purchase amount — 100 tokens. Everyone, who shares this post in social media channels get additional 1% bonus — contact to claim yours.

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