KYC and bounty tokens distribution

Dear bounty supporters,

We are planning to start the token distribution for the bounty supporters next week. Only 20% of you passed the KYC for the bounty program participants. To make the process quick and clear for you, we created the following list.

How to know that you passed the KYC? Please, check the status in your personal account and in the spreadsheet. You can find the KYC status in the left bottom corner in your personal account. For those, who had some issues with automated KYC, your current status is available in the spreadsheet only. If you see the “Passed” status, then everything is ok and no need to worry, your tokens will be transferred to you during the next week.

If you haven’t started with KYC yet, here is what you do: – Register at the website – Confirm the registration via your e-mail – Press the KYC button in your personal account and follow the instructions Please, keep in mind that by registering at the website and ticking the boxes you agree that you are not a citizen/resident of the USA and its territories. Also, please pay attention, that your name and surname at the registration must coincide with the name in your ID and your ID must be of an international type with a photo, otherwise, you won’t pass the automated KYC.

In case, you can’t pass the automated KYC, please, send a message to where you describe your problem. The title should look like “Problem with automated KYC”. Please, don’t send the messages like “Important” in the title and “KYC????” in the message body, such kind of messages will have the lowest priority.

Please, don’t share your personal data in our official telegram channel, we delete messages of this type immediately because it’s not secure.

Good luck with KYC and thank you for being with us.

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