In the midst of the summer heat I gazed at that White building with an engraving

'Aspin Wall'

The Kochi Muziris Biennale was one of my favourite events since the last I visited. Happening once in ever two years, it can be stated as one of the perfectly curated art exhibition in the entire state, maybe even in the entire country. Began in 12/12/12. The event surpassed the Mayan apocalypse and still runs pretty well.

There were many awe inspiring masterpieces by many artists. Although few of them caught my attention. An artist (actually a volunteer)who scribbled something in his notebook, maybe wishing to see his artwork on display the next biennale, the audio visual piece by an artist who used two screens simultaneously opposite to each other to display two characters conversing and a 12 sq feet artwork done entirely with naturally derived paint.

This was an interesting sketch, how humans move (well that’s what I understood) or something related with the motion within the human mind was depicted through these sketches, although the artist may know what it really is.

Aspin Wall

So that was a partial description of the 2016 Kochi Muziris Biennale, an event that really transpired the entire perception of us malayalees towards art and artists.

Great Job Biennale team…until 2018!
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