Extend the definition of software to include anything that programs one’s mind. Using that definition, take note of all the items that have programmed your own mind, compile them into a curated package that you can then use to program the minds of others.

Stop just programming your own mind to enact your own changes; instead by compiling the software that issued the self changeset, you can more easily scale the changes you have accomplished in yourself, into others by allowing them to program their minds readily with the same proven materials.

Been watching a lot of Shark Tank Australia, then Dragons Den, the UK one.

Too many multi-million dollar companies die because they couldn’t get enough cash quick enough to scale – cash needed to scale output – a hard problem.

Typical solution to this is high-scale businesses should swim in…

Here is a crude yet insightful parable, with the exceptions detailed afterwards.

Men break because they are cruel, callous, and irresponsible. Women break because they are weak, vulnerable, and justified. These biased perceptions are projected naturally, creating standards that are unfair and unjust. When a man breaks to weakness they…

N26 Black is the bank account aimed at Digital Nomads. However, it fails to deliver on its claims.

The claims N26 makes

The claims from their N26 Black product page:

N26 Black is a bank account with comprehensive travel and purchase coverage

The freedom to pack up and go without the extra weight

N26 Black provides comprehensive insurance for trips abroad and on qualified purchases, meaning you’re not weighed down by worries while out exploring the world.

Worldwide travel insurance you can actually use

Benjamin Lupton

Founder of Bevry, accelerating collaborative wisdom.

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