Programmers to gain the benefits of philosophy

Benjamin Lupton
Dec 30, 2018 · 2 min read

My hope, from seeing more people gaining the benefits, and somewhat a prediction for 2019, is for the following to become less niche, more widespread, especially inside the tech industry, which has the largest deffeciency but yet the most to gain in this area:

Individuals will realise that technology, like all creations of our desires, originates from one’s focus, which is manifested from one’s axioms, which is largely intuited, rather than deliberated. As such, they’ll discover the importance of a philosophical reading, writing, and study (especially in application to the matters and fields that they most take for granted (in tech this would be politics, sociology, psychology, psychometrics, economics) identified from rudimentary understandings in those fields, evidenced by the inability to agree with, or even to understand, the opposing merits, virtues and zeal, to the adequacy that the opposition agrees with your assessment of their plight), so that one may, concerning the mechanisms of creation, move away from intuition and towards deliberation, to accomplish an operation with less projection, less bias, more openness, more receptiveness, more diversity, including that of intellectual fitness and fertility, more inclusivity, including that of axiomatic criticism, and far less sanctimony.

This is generally summarised as imagination and empathy, but empathy is often confused with compassion and submission, they are not the same thing! Such a confusion dangerously burns bridges, not builds them. Empathy requires suspension of your beliefs, to engage with another’s worldview as equally valid, to allow yourself and them to form a bridge of the differences, a mutual effort of empathy, from writer to reader and from reader to writer, to come to terms with each other. Coming to terms with one another being what makes communication meaningful and essential. Confusing empathy with compassion, makes it a matter of submitting oneself to the weakest outcry (achieving no coming to terms, no empathy between reader and writer, stripping communication of all useful meaning, leaving it vacuous, beyond revision, beyond learning, beyond bridge building.), rather than forming a bridge to make them stronger, or yourself stronger, including more fit and less stupid.

Benjamin Lupton

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Liberty focused Software Engineer. Explorer of the known and unknown.

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