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Trek Glowacki

Why is the gender specific “She” being used throughout this? “She” is by definition specific to female gender identification only, excluding all non-female genders, such as males, hermaphrodites, trans, and queers. Instead the gender neutral terms “He”, “One” or “They” could be used, which include all genders, not just the female gender. “He”, unlike “She”, is by definition gender-neutral, an age-old feature of the word within English and many other languages. Same applies for gender-specific Ladies, versus gender-neutral Guys. Pretending otherwise, that female pronouns are gender-neutral, or male pronouns are gender-exclusive, is against the reality of English, and is insane. Deceiving people that it is sexist to use the correct gender-neutral terms according to the language one speaks, i.e. using the language correctly, is cult-like groupthink.