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View of The Holy Ganges, Haridwar, India

Most of us have been hearing this quote from early days ‘Experience is the greatest authority’. Lately I was reflecting on the variety of experiences I have had at different stages and phases of life and was feeling a sense of natural gratitude towards life for having provided me with these.

One question that came to my mind was Hasn’t my experiences with the same people, things, organizations changed over the last few years/ months’? and it was an obvious yes for an answer. Things that seemed very exciting at one point did not seem to be that exciting anymore. Things & people (some of the very senior yogis I was in regular touch with) that seemed to transport me into that blissful ‘beyond time & space’ sort of an experience, did not seem to do so any longer. …


Rohit Balyan

Whole world is one family.V love u all whether v meet or not,whether v will be there or not, 2 tell u this.A loving hug 2 all.Meet us @

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