Blitz trip to Georgia — Update 3

If you’re in Tbilisi I highly recommend you the free walking tour that leaves from Freedom Square.

It visits all the locations you wanted to visit plus ones you never knew about! Ot takes you from the Freedom square to churches of different faiths to get you aquinted with the local culture and the guide tells a lot of great stories she have heard from Georgians during the years she has lived here.

The tour visits all the main churches and then goes through the Europa bridge to the other side of the city. From here you can take the lift up to the Fortress for 1 Lari (~0.4$)!

Up at the citadel you can visit the Mother of Georgia statue which is quite fascinating and then go to the Narikala Fortress, which offers excellent view of the city by day and by night as well!

Then you can visit the Sulphur Baths which are a centre of local community and always have locals all around them.

After walking around for hours me and some of my new friends went to try the local foods in an Old Town restaurant.

The Khvachapuri is amazing its a local cheese filled bread and its amazing. Take the small portion you wont be able to finish even that. Im a 100kg person and I could barly eat half of it!

The Khinkali is a soup filled dumpling (you read that right!) which comes in all varieties, including beef and pork soup filled, cheese and cottage cheese filled and vegetable soup filled ones, its a very interesting local food and it’s quite funny to watch people who try it the first time figuire out how to eat it.

After it we walked around some more and spent the day trying local desserts and walking along the river, visiting smaller churches and interesting buildings.

At night we went back to the citadel with some local wine to enjoy the night view of the city. Georgians are very proud of their wine culture and their wine traditions go back over 6 millenia!

We,ve met a nice Kopt Egyptian guy on the way up and he joined us for the night. We walked around Old Town and had a light dinner later.

Around the Freedom Square you can find great places to try the local foods!

Then I went back to the hostel and had a nice supper with some of the travelers and the hosts. This is why I love hostels, you go there for the people and you hear great stories!

Find the tour at:

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