The Easter Egg Battles of Bulgaria

As I was walking around Sofia I’ve noticed people carrying eggs with them.

At first I paid no mind to the matter, because in Hungary and many other countries the eggs are part of the Easter tradition. However here they have an interesting twist on it.

My walking tour guide told me about the egg battles. You hard boil your eggs. Find the hardest and strongest „fighter” and then you go out to challenge you friends.

When the battle starts the people lightly knock the eggs together until one is broken. The winner can rest assured that he is one step closer to being the ultimate champion and the loser can always eat their egg as a consolation prize.

At the end of the day the ones with the last eggs standing will keep the eggs as a token of good luck until next Easter.

It was fun to see people on the street practicing it. As I walked in the ancient church of St.George, or „the Rotunda” I was admiring the ancient frescoes as I noticed that an Ortodox priest was egg battling a church goer.

The battle was intense, but the church goer won. They both laughed and the priest started to peel his consolation prize as he waved goodbye.

I saw that in his bag he had back up eggs for the upcoming battles.

I walked out from the square and as I made my way to the park next to the theater, I saw a young couple greeting each other.

They also had their eggs ready and after a quick hug, the eggs went to war again.

The guy lost and the girl happily tucked away her champion into her bag.

It is fun to do some people watching when traveling, in this case I witnessed 2 matches of the National Lucky Egg Championship.