Overflow: The new kid on the block

The first look on Overflow’s interactive prototype

Meet Overflow. The tool that might change the way we currently create user flows. There has been many tools around for designers to create flows and user journeys but almost every single one of them had clunky controls or workflows.

I personally really enjoyed the way you can create user flows in the prototyping tool called Axure, but soon after my enjoyment faded away I had to realize all the limitations that are just built in the software itself, starting from, it was not meant to be creating user flows, or at least not in an efficient way.

Online applications and tools have been around for many years now trying to fill in the gaps but none of them got popular enough for the masses to collectively use them. And in the meantime, sketch happened. And the dream of every designer might come true this time, with the next take on integrating sketch workflow into a new software called Overflow!

Meet Overflow

Clean Design

Maybe the reason why I cannot wait for Overflow to be released is the design itself! I’m personally in love with anything that has minimalistic approach to design, and by the looks of it Overflow hit close to home with its UI!

If you are familiar with Sketch then you will instantly recognise that Overflow shares almost entirely the same User Interface design as the one we are so much used to by now. This same tactic has been utilized previously by the Interaction Design application Principle. It is definitely a great choice to make the UI as simple as possible to appeal to the design community, Overflow’s target group.

Also similarly to the newly introduced prototyping feature in sketch, users in Overflow are connecting screens and / or elements together between various artboards. But where sketch fails Overflow will shine! (hopefully) Allowing us to place Artboards inside Artboards creating a massive inception of boards! Cool, right?

Artboards inside the artboard. (Magic)

Another easy to recognise feature is how elements and flows can be turned into what seems like: symbols! Yes! No more styling and changing every piece of the flow by hand, just a few clicks and changes on the master version will apply itself to all the sub versions!


Overflow will also have the possibility to generate legends for your users to understand your user flows a little bit easier!

Sign up for Overflow Beta!

By all means, If I made you curious about the future of creating User Flows, or if you are just simply tired of dragging out those lines in whatever program you use to connect your screens together, make sure to sign up for the beta release of Overflow, and let’s explore together the possibilities.

Sign up here: https://overflow.io
Hi there! As we are planning our gradual rollout of Overflow in the next few days, it’s the perfect time to give you a taste of it! — The overflow team

The quote above is from an email I got today morning in my mailbox from the latest news on Overflow’s beta status. Seems like that they will be starting to invite people to participate in the beta session some time this week!