Politics As unUsual

What I believe is of no more importance than what you believe. 
Belief only has consequences in action.

  • You have the Right to believe that other races are inferior.
  • You have the Right to believe that marriage is only for mixed gender couples.
  • You have the Right to believe that immigrants are a huge threat to your way of life.
  • You have the Right to believe that God will smite the wicked on the Day of Judgement.
  • You have the Right to believe that life begins at conception and should be protected.

. . . so I’m not trying to change your beliefs. I just want you to understand that, regardless of your beliefs, you don’t have the Right to deny anyone’s Rights based on your beliefs (just as I don’t).

  • If I am of a race you do not favor, you do not have the Right to deny me equal access to any of the same freedoms you hold dear for yourself.
  • If I am gay, you do not have the Right to deny me access to all the same Rights that a marriage contract grants a married couple.
  • If I am an immigrant, you do not have the Right to deny me the opportunity to better my life, and the life of my progeny, just as your forefathers did for you.
  • If I am not of your faith, you do not have the Right to enact laws that force me to act according to your faith.
  • If I am pregnant and want to terminate that pregnancy for any reason whatsoever, you do not have the Right to invade my person — my body — to control me at such a core level by denying me access to a doctor to provide that healthcare.

Why are these tenets so hard for people to understand and to live by? 
Why is one political party trying so hard to deny Rights to minority groups rather than protect everyone’s Rights?

But, what really irks me is that these are not the issues that we need to address as a nation. These are unalienable Rights that we are born with and we formed a government specifically to protect those Rights for us. These ‘issues’ are Red Herrings that we are baited with constantly and are distractions from the critical issues facing us all. The real issues we need to be addressing?

  • Banks and pension plans gambling in options (it’s what caused the crash of 2007/8 and it’s still happening).
  • Sustainable energy plans for the future of our nation and world (also happens to be the best High Growth employment opportunity and we are losing the game because we are distracted).
  • Trade agreements that put our workforce at a disadvantage (and thus, our future as a nation).
  • A broken immigration system.
  • A broken tax system that puts the burden on citizens while businesses pay for loopholes.
  • Rampant corruption because money has been equated with free speech.

We don’t have to agree on the solutions for any of these issues — we only need to work together to create solutions that we can both live with because they solve our mutual problems. Governance is not hard when Politics is removed from the equation. It’s not about jockeying for position and how many ‘wins’ your party can list — it’s about creating solutions for all of us.

Here’s the good news:

In November, 34 Senate seats are up for reelection: 24 Rep and 10 Dem . . .
AND 435 Representatives in the House . . . 
AND 12 Governors!!!

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