Some Warplane Designs Just Aren’t Meant to Be
War Is Boring

No TSR.2? Or even the North American F-107 used for the Nifty Opening Photo?

Well, the XF-109 illustrates a lesson that the F-35 casually discarded — lift engines equal dead weight.

Finally, if my rapidly decaying memory serves correctly, Convair’s Model 49 served as the basis for a toy in the revitalized G.I Joe line from the 1980s. Seeing as how inspiration for the line was drawn (in the beginning at least) from other machines such as the F-14 Tomcat, AH-1 Cobra, FMC XR-311 (That which would have been a Hummer), South African Ratel, and other real world items, this wouldn’t be surprising.

Finally, the Super Mirage 4000 deserved much more than it got, but that can be said of many, many other designs (de Havilland Trident, Dassault Mercure, or Convair 880, anyone?).