Combined and flipped image. Artist unknown. There’s a bird!

Exploring the alleys of Duxton Hill

Photos from our recent trip to Duxton Hill in Singapore enjoying every bit of Art, Ambiance, Food, Drinks and Small Shops

All photos were taken with a Fuji X100T, edited slightly in Lightroom with basic enhancements and Fujifilm presets.


When we moved here 6 years ago we thought that we won’t ever find graffiti in this “fine” city but we’re surprised that there are quite a handful of local and international artists expressing their art.

Old meets New. An illustration of a hanfu princess, I think, holding worldly possessions like Mac, Chanel bag, and a mobile phone.


From colourful walls to Peranakan tiles outside the shophouses

Between Two Ferns with Kylie
Fast and luxury cars. Ferrari and a Bentley (pictured on right)
Peranakan-inspired floor and wall tiles
The Pinaccle@Duxton
Needs a lot of practice with these jump shots!


Only one type of food we’re after here. Mexican! But Duxton Hill offers an array of cuisines from Italian to Russian.

Elotes! We can eat a pail of these. Hahah Elote, or corn on the cob is a popular street food in Mexico
That guy in the middle (white shirt) ordered 2 bottles of Patron. Amazing.
Looks like this woman is showing the birdie hahaha


Some more photos


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