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I recently implemented the birthday feature and alpha tested it.

In the event that it is a user’s birthday today, the app displays a cake emoticon next to their username and sends a notification to their followers to wish them on this day

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notification on Harun’s follower accounts to wish him today!

This is the first practical instance of this feature with it being Harun’s birthday. So, Happy 20 Harun!

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I just added the ability to write posts in Markdown. Here is the first post edited and rendered in Markdown

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996 words, a poetic heartbreak

Markdown ability is only limited to the post/new route and posts added through the home page are not rendered as markdown. This is because of styling constraints and also to limit home page posts to shorter and more rapid messages

Moreover, I added a section where all user photos are shown in their profile. This is called Albums for now and will morph into a more visually interactive feature later on.

When viewing a user’s profile, you can now view their birthday upto the day in the week they were born. You also get a notification when it is a user’s birthday and a cake image is affixed to the profile of the…

I spent the most of this fine friday hacking away a solution for the messaging feature on Bambi.

Now, users can see their chat history all together and reply like a conventional chat application as opposed to the previous implementation where you could only send a message at once without any context of the last message sent / received.

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New Bambi Messaging Threads

Here is the video on Bambi’s Twitter Account

This has taken me quite a while to create. Thats it.




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