A letter from my daughter (this letter was read during English class)

Althea Rubis DIAZ, 13 years old.

Choice: Journal
I feel that being different shouldn’t be weird. If it’s weird, then the whole word IS weird. If it’s being fat, skinny, smart, tall, short, black, white even blue, I still don’t understand.
I don’t understand why it’s weird when a tall girl and a short boy go out. Does it matter really while saying this fat guy or fat girl are ugly, having a gap in your denture is ugly, that liking a different type of music then your generation is weird? People have this stereotype that is just plain stupid.
How a Black boy hanging out with his friends doing nothing wrong but having A+ as a student, is a gang member? How homeless people are less then and can’t get your spare and change? How can we say that Black girls are plain stupid and ghetto? And because there are Latinos, they surely like tacos? Not being who you want them to be shows insecurity, lack of self courage, and doubt?
Who cares what people think? BEING who you want to be, can come as a long way.
Althea DIAZ, 13 years old
8 grader, Mark Twain Middle School,

Magnet, International Languages