“Viva La Ultra Life”

Beer commercials are known for flooding the air waves. Everyone can name at least three different beer brands, and most who can name them aren't even old enough to consume the product. There are countless varieties and angles that the beer companies take. The most popular include the party scene, the escape to the beach, and the most interesting man in the world.

Michelob Ultra is a big name in the beer industry, and they need to constantly be changing their ads to keep people from getting bored. With this ad, they have done just that. This particular ad looks just like another typical beer ad. With just a glance we see a beach, a group of friends enjoying the product (responsibly of course) and a sweating bottle. This brings in the Pavlovian theory to the already complex ad. With limited words on the page, it is not hard to see that they wanted to focus this ad to visuals.

Breaking the ad down by picture, our eyes start with the faces at the bottom. The picture shows a group of friends, guys and girls, outside enjoying Michelob Ultra. The placement of the camera is below the people, leaving the viewer to look up at the friends. This camera angle is going to make the viewer feel like these people are higher than they are, thus leaving the viewer telling themselves “I want to be a part of this.” This one picture also contains multiple appeals. The most apparent one is the need for affiliation. This is send people the message that if you drink Michelob, you will be drinking it with a large group of friends enjoying yourself. We also see the need to escape. These people are in a remote location, looks like a beach. This gives people the idea that drinking this beer with bring you to a beach with your friends.

Moving to the picture above, we see two people running on a beach. This picture doesn’t really do a good job for advertising beer… These people are on a beach, which reinforces the idea that drinking this beer will satisfy your need to escape, however the people running don’t even have a beer in their hand. Now the real reason that they put a picture of people running is to show that the beer in low in calories. No where on the ad did they take the space to state how low calorie the beer is, leaving it to the viewer to make their own connections.

As the eye moves up, it passes the large print at the top of the page. Usually in ads, this is where the header will be. But in this particular ad, “Superior Light Beer” is the beer’s slogan. The header can be found in a very unusual place for ads, the bottom left. “Long Live The Ultra Life” is what they placed there along with the Facebook page. This shows that they focused very little on the text in this ad, and a lot on the visuals.

Lastly, to the right, they placed the sweating, cold, bottle. People’s eyes will flow up with the pictures and out to the right, being that is how we naturally read. This adds Pavlov's theory into the mix. The viewer is going to see this bottle, which the creators are hoping will stimulate the reader to go and buy this beer.

To the untrained eye this ad looks like another simple, basic ad. After it is broken down, we see just how many different aspects that the creators put into it. There are multiple appeals used in each picture, different visual aspects, and a different look into text arrangement. Michelob has created an ad that is visually pleasing to the eye, while sending out tons of messages to the viewer.