Let’s Talk About LOVE!

Generally I don’t talk about this, I talk about life, social issues, emotions, aims, dreams, values and everything. But I have missed talking about this part of life, intentionally. And then I realized that this is one part that comes in everything, be it life, dreams, aims, desires or emotions. And this very important part of life is called “Love”. I am talking about love; do not confuse it with attraction, infatuation or any other temporary emotion. We start experiencing love very early in life; we fall in love with our mother, father and family. Although we don’t describe it, we do not even realize it but still this is our first experience with this divine emotion.

But here I am, talking about love that we are screaming to the whole world, love that comes into our life at almost same time when we are ready to leave schools and moving into colleges. Most of us confuse this divine emotion with attraction (which is temporary) and when that attraction phase is over, we announce that there doesn’t exist anything like love on this earth. Although, we have been experiencing this divine emotion since childhood.

I know a few of my friends, who were secretly in love with some girls of my college or vice-versa. And this happens in every college. Remember, I am talking about love, not attraction, that’s why I said, a few. Because a lot many of them did not even understand at that time what love means actually, they were happy to stare at girls or make ridiculous comments at them (may be, this was their style of getting attention or feeling happy). They missed the very basic character for this emotion called “respect”. If you can’t respect, you can’t love someone. 
There were a few who were little smart and they made a fake impression on girls (or vice-versa), tried to persuade them by making strategies that they loved them. But they missed the other basic character for love called “truth“. They managed to get partners, but no wonder that relation did not last for long because it missed the “truth” part in it. They were happy to flaunt their partners to the world, “she is gorgeous”.. “he is dashing” and all. But if there was one gorgeous girl in the college, there would be more than 50 boys to claim that they loved her, which is absurd, because they loved “her beauty” and confused it with “her”. The smart ones would make strategies to befriend with her, the dumb ones would stare at her and would make comments at her and there was one more category (very silent, and mostly un-noticed) that would silently take care of her, would pray for her, but would never dare to show those feelings to her. These very few of last category left the college without getting noticed by her, some were lucky enough and got noticed. But the best part was that these were very silent, still they could at least reach somewhere near around that divine emotion because they followed those basic characters, “respect and truth”. They never commented on her, never defamed her, and never made fake impressions. Those who were lucky got noticed by the other partner silently, but even those who could not get noticed were fortunate enough to experience that divine emotion. They never rushed into it, never flaunted it, and never made a fake impression. In fact, the other partner who could not notice this all was a little unfortunate as “respect” is a very strong character and “truth” is for lifetime. And you just cannot define love without these two basic traits. Even after so many years, some of them are still enjoying that divine feeling and some others have become lucky enough to find a partner who is good enough to realize their “respect” and “truth”.

And those “little smart” and “dumb” people are now silently trying to learn those two important characters for feeling that emotion. They will have to, because this is one part that comes in everything; be it life, dreams, aims, values, desires or emotions.

- Ajay Bamel | #cherishdpal

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