If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Those that control our country need to get the message that we have had enough! Our infrastructure is depleted, our jobs lost, wages are ridiculous, healthcare is not for all. Yet they are taking our tax dollars and rebuilding other countries, their water systems, airports, dams, roads and their military etc. More than half of our revenue goes into a bloated Military system, that needs to be audited for waste! Making it lean and mean would reduce the cost by half. It is time to get rid of the gross rich coming to the table and eating all the food, of course they don’t want change. But we do! What will they have, if the workers in the world, they have abused and used, just sit down. It is coming! We will no longer settle for your crumbs there is a war coming and you can’t hide!

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