Prescribe it — Frenvid is a healthy Medication

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Watching TV can be a huge wellspring of delight. Watching TV is presumably the world’s most well known distraction and is the best utilization of our time in the wake of representing sleep and work.

In the United States alone, people spend between 4 -5 hours a day watching TV. A recent UN survey shows that in Africa, socialising with family and watching television accounted for 12% of all times per day when two simultaneous activities were reported.

Watching great television can be an enormous source of pleasure. Channel surfing, however, becomes a default activity that doesn’t add a lot to our happiness — yet we persist in watching.

The gold question is — how well does TV fit into our happiness?

Accommo*dating Fun — To me it contains 3 words: accord, common, and dating. By dictionary definition is used to describe a situation one a fits in with someone else wishes or demands in a helpful way.

A movie with friends, a family trip to the zoo is accommodating fun. A movie date. Going to a family thanksgiving dinner, going to a firm outing, going to dinner and all require accommodation. You’re strengthening relationships, you’re building memories, you’re having fun — a very fulfilling experience.

Relaxing fun -

Relaxing fun is relaxing. It takes little or no interaction with people. could be sitting by the pool, flipping through magazines, and watching TV on your own are examples of relaxing fun.

Accommodating fun, over the long term, bring more happiness, because they’re sources of those elements that make people happiest: strong personal bonds, mastery, an atmosphere of growth. Especially in today’s fast generation the most fulfilling fun are not and shouldn’t be passive.

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