• UX researcher
  • Interaction Designer



Product overview

Kóbò is a digital banking platform designed to help you perform day to day transactions, save money and make investment all from the comfort of your smartphone. …


  • UX researcher.
  • Interaction designer.



Product overview

Grin is a mobile application for an online restaurant aimed at solving problems individuals or families have with cooking and the sheer frustration and time consumption that arises with having to physically queue and make orders for take away.

The challenge

With the…

Amazon Kindle Login and sign up Pages Redesign


Kindle is a device or software where one can read books, chosen from a library containing millions of options. Kindle essentially is an e-reader from Amazon, which brings reading to your device. Kindle is available as an app, software, or as an…


Heuristic evaluation is a very important part of designing a great product that would solve user’s problems and would give an enjoyable experience for them without difficulty . It is an assessment a products user interface and its purpose isto try to detect any difficulty a…

A Company has reached out to your (your team) to create a solution to aid their users order food online. Using the design thinking aproach, walk me through how you intend to create the solution.

. First,I’ll try to get to know who the customers (users) are, How do they…

Bamigboye Adedamola

A product designer with impeccable Ux research skills

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