The end of the first phase

People are born of different characters. Myself, I’d say am the down to earth kind of guy that does not talk much. People always ask me what am thinking about; because of the quietness. In whatever situation I have been in, am always myself-quiet. If there are people that fascinate me the most are the outspoken and aggressive people, not that I luck these qualities.

On Monday the 16th, I met a couple of new voices (people through a hangout call). These were individuals we were to be under the instructions of our able Learning facilitator, Mr. Jonathan Kamau. I almost could tell peoples’ characters from their speaking and tones but never judge a book by its cover. I leave that for another day when we actually meet in person, if that day comes.

We decided to give a Swahili name to our team; duma. Duma is cheetah in Swahili. This name was thought through but I won’t go into details. The first person I heard their voice when I joined the call was Mr. Kamau. A soft spoken and an interesting fellow from what my instincts could gather. He is always ready to help out on blockers and frequently shares helpful resources for problem solving. I would say as a facilitator, he was at par to his assignment and never crossed any lines.

Melvin Atieno was the only female member of the duma team. She is an interesting lady. She must have been a school prefect at some time while still in primary or high school. She was always initiating needs for calls and getting to know each other better as a group. Something tells me she is hardworking woman of substance. From what I have seen, not many ladies pursue careers in being developers but here she was, a lady in ICT.

Nzivo Eric another Duma team member was always ready with emoticons whenever suggestions were made. He rarely wrote a message but you could see his effort that he was trying his best to be collaborative with the other team members.

Achola the last person. He was quick to solutions and responses. From the first day he had a sense of humor and you could also tell this in his responses. Life is too short to never laugh. His responses, resources and contributions had a sense of humor in them but at the same time educative, supportive and helpful. One thing that I noted was, he might not be much of a sleeper. In the wee hours of the night you could find him online. But one would ask, what was I doing up myself when I saw him online!!

I was a character that found themselves interesting too. I would say I was midway. I wondered all over looking for issues to solve, asking questions for my blockers and getting to know people. My high school motto was “In Unity Is Strength”. I have lived through my life believing in this simple statement but with a powerful message. Most of my thanks to my facilitator and group members. It was an honor to have known and collaborated with you.

A thankful Brown