Magimix 5200xl Premium Blendermix Food Processor Review

Have you at any point known about Magimix by Robot Coupe? If not, they’re the wonderful people who made the Vision Toaster (yes, you can really look as your toast… well, toasts), and in addition the powerhouse of a sustenance processor I’m checking on today.

This processor is one of the best bulky food processor — actually, I envision you could most likely make pretty much anything in it. From juice and smoothies to pie outside layer and pizza mixture, this workhorse does it all. Mine likewise accompanied two connections — a Juice Extractor and SmoothieMix connection, and a Creative Slicing Disks connection.

The Magimix by Robot-Coupe 5200XL elements a business review 1100w engine, and 3 stackable blending bowls. This machine is exceptionally appropriate for mass nourishment arrangement, and it’s particularly pleasant for extensive supper gatherings or occasions. The engine is intense, yet the best part is that it’s super simple to utilize. There are just three catches: Off, On, and Pulse — no requirement for any basic leadership with respect to speed or potentially control. What’s more, because of the considerable number of connections, it resembles having a nourishment processor, stand blender, chopper, slicer and dicer, grater, and juicer across the board. The greater part of the removable parts are likewise dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze!

You can get the sustenance processor in white or brushed chrome, and the two connections (sold independently) at Williams-Sonoma. You can likewise get them as a set from Chefs’ Catalog, in white or the restrictive cleaned chrome, which I adore.

Bundle incorporates:

• 16-glass 5200XL incorporates 6-container, 12-glass and 16-container blending bowls.

• 2 metal serrated Sabatier® edges, one for little bowl, and one for the expansive bowl.

• Dough cutting edge. Use to work bread batter, brioche and baked good.

• 2 grinding circles — 2mm and 4mm.

• 2 cutting circles — 2mm and 4mm.

• BlenderMix connection. Changes the sustenance processor into an effective, completely utilitarian blender to make soups, consommés, smoothies and flapjacks.

• Egg whisk. Perfect for whisking egg whites and creams for pastries, for example, meringues, frostings, and icing.

• Citrus press.

• Spatula. Hand crafted, simple to-utilize device for purging dishes.

• Illustrated formula book highlighting 110 formulas in addition to DVD.

• Storage box.

• Juice Extractor and Smoothie Attachment

• Creative Disks Kit: Featuring a Julienne Disk, all inclusive Julienne Disk and Fluted Disk bundled in their own stockpiling box.


1. Easy to utilize

2. Powerful engine

3. Stackable dishes for simple stockpiling

4. Dishwasher-safe removable parts for simple cleanup


1. Heavy, difficult to move effectively

Magimix 5200XL Food Processor Review