The KKK isn’t Reading The New York Times Op-Ed Pages
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I really appreciate this article. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I can’t help but feel like if we continue to write articles that you so aptly describe as “masturbatory”, we’re going to drive ourselves to civil war over issues that can be solved fairly simply. My thought is that we need news sources that are not only non-profit and well-funded, but made up up people from as far-left as well as far-right as it’s possible to be. Those in the most extreme positions need to agree to the contents of a publication before issuing anything. I feel this would give us a little more substantive agreement about our core principles and differing assumptions are.

I know that your position is that white men simply want everything and that’s what drives them, and I can totally understand why you say that, but there are ways to tackle that aside from getting them to see the world “our” way. A lot of the alt-right have been abused or isolated to the point of psychopathy. I think a lot of their philosophies hinge upon those past hurts.

In any case, great article! I’m actually not a Marxist (social anarchist, fairly close) but I subscribed anyway. So hey, not complete echo-chamber, huh?

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