Have You Used Tuk-Tuks For Traveling In Bangkok?

Bangkok is a city that is always up to the speed with modern grandeur and glory, having the thrilling energy and the chaotic possibilities that it inherits for the residents and the tourists coming. The city began as a small trading center and port community, but now it has several places to pamper yourself and giving you an intriguing story to tell.

Long before the presence of taxis, scooters, buses and trains, there were some old fashioned TukTuk Bangkok were present that ruled the city in their very own way. A tuk-tuk is a three wheeled vehicle that was used to be everyone’s favorite mode of transport in Bangkok before other vehicles made their way to the streets. It looks more like a rickshaw that is enclosed and has an engine fitted in.

TukTuk Bangkok gives you the relaxation and the much closer view of the scenery as it speeds through the streets, giving you an adjacent view of many famous sites of the city. Riding in a tuk-tuk gives you the chance to encounter the daily lifestyle and working of the locals.

One should bargain the price before getting in a tuk-tuk as to avoid ending the journey by fighting verbally for a ridiculous fare that is decided by the driver himself. Avoid the use of tuk-tuk in peak hours because of the fumes will directly hit you in the face coming from the nearby vehicles and will be inhaled by the body

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