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For recent several years, new industries, based on blockchain and digital currencies, have sprung up. And now, blockchain technology is adopted in donation platforms, improving the transparency of donation.

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, blockchain technology is introduced in donation with the new norm called “untact”, meaning that more people are increasingly interacting online. And, a new crypto donation platform, based on messenger and blockchain, are attracting both blockchain industry and the public.

Branden Park, the Chief Marketing Officer(CMO) of Bananatok, the next generation messenger based on blockchain, announced the establishment of Banana Charity, the official charity group of Bananatok.

With a cryptocurrency boom in South Korea, started by several years ago, a blockchain-based SNS was created. Bananatok is a famous blockchain-based messenger with 10 million users, mainly in South Korea and China. Thanks to the merger between Bananatok and Biyong, a blockchain SNS in China, Bananatok could access to Biyong’s large user pool. With access to the user pool of Biyong, Bananatok is gaining in popularity thanks to its great efforts to offer user-friendly services.

First, many users love Bananatok’s stylish design. Bananatok changed its design for more sophisticated UI. Like other messenger apps, it also created its own…

In May, 2020, Bitcoin(BTC), the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, experienced its third halving. BTC, however, is not the only digital currency that experienced halving this year. Earlier this year, BNA, a 1-year-old token from Bananatok, a blockchain based messenger, headquartered in Seoul, announced BNA halving and its “Token burning Roadmap”: Bananatok burned 1 billion BNA; Later, it additionally burned another 1 billion BNA. Bananatok decided to burn its tokens to stabilize BNA price.

“After burning 1 billion BNA, we additionally burned another 1 billion tokens. Business achievement by introducing burning ratio system is linked to the value of…

Bananatok, a blockchain-based messenger in South Korea, is becoming more popular among individual traders. Thanks to its great security, users don’t need to worry about data breach, while sharing various information about digital assets on Bananatok’s chatting rooms.

It also offers useful functions. Users can distribute and trade cryptocurrencies on chatting room, meaning that they don’t need to visit Exchange to trade digital assets. And Bananatok offers wallet that supports both fiat and digital currencies. With these unique services, Bananatok provides another remarkable services: Users can pay congratulatory money, offertories, as well as donating money by using Bananatok.

“We will…

Several years ago, South Korea has seen a fad for Bitcoin(BTC). Many individual traders have started to buy BTC and some Altcoins. Then, cryptocurrency exchanges mushroomed across the country. With the BTC boom, cryptocurrencies have become familiar to the public. Now, while many traders are still buying BTC and Ethereum(ETH), some are eying Bananatok and BNA.

Bananatok listed on Bithumb Global in March, 2020

Bananatok is a blockchain-based messenger in South Korea. Like Telegram, it ensures great security to protect privacy. As a messenger, users can freely communicate with each other without the anxiety over data breach. With security, its another biggest advantage is convenience. Bananatok users don’t…

A merger between a blockchain messenger provider in Seoul and its Chinese counterpart surprised the blockchain industry.

On April 10th, Biyong Singapore, a blockchain-based social network service in China, had equity transfer agreement with ZooHoldings Hongkong, which operates Bananatok, a blockchain messenger in Korea. With the acquisition of Biyong, Bananatok expects that it can share critical issues in China to the blockchain ecosystem in Korea. Acquisition price is not disclosed.

“Acquisition price might be high, considering the number of users and the influences in the Chinese market that Biyong have. ZooHoldings Hongkong is not a Korean firm. …

Biyong, the most popular blockchain-based social network in the Chinese speaking countries, successfully held “Online Conference” earlier this month. Nearly 100,000 users of Biyong’s official chatting room attended to the conference.

The conference led by Golden Finance, the largest blockchain media in China. On the first session, Kevin and some other Chief Executive Officers(CEO) of some firms delivered speech: Cho Woo-chang of Bananatok, a blockchain messenger from South Korea; Park Byung-hwa of Coinreaders, the leading cryptocurrency news media in South Korea; An Xinxin of Golden Finance; Shao Jianliang of Canaan Blockchain.

At the beginning of the conference, Kevin, the founder…

In South Korea’s digital asset market, firms are increasingly launching services based on social network service. If you ask cryptocurrency traders in Korea about social network service-based coins, many would mention following two firms: Kakao Klaytn, which partners with Kakaotalk, the large mobile messenger app company in Seoul; Bananatok, a blockchain messenger company, also headquartered in Seoul. Indeed, both KLAY, a token issued by Kakao Klaytn, and BNA, Bananatok’s own cryptocurrency, are growing.

Bananatok(Left) and Klaytn(Right)

As of June 4th, the price of KLAY, known as “Kakao Coin” recorded KRW 390, doubled by KRW 180, compared to its opening price based on Coinone…

Major blockchain platforms are bashing away on promoting their projects. Tron, the biggest blockchain platform in China, Qtum, the Chinese version of Ethereum, CoinGecko, the global digital asset data firm, Indodax, the major digital currency exchange in Indonesia, are partnering with Bananatok, a blockchain messenger in Seoul. With partnership, “Eight o’clock”, Bananatok’s marketing brand, is expanding to the global blockchain, drawing attentions from traders.

“Many in the industry are praising Bananatok’s own unique marketing strategies, such as Airdrop — that offers digital assets to users for free, and the activation of its own community for widely promoting blockchain projects to…

Bananatok, a blockchain messenger in Seoul, will hold “Mansour event” to celebrate that it has 10K users on its official community(@bnaofficialkr).

On June 24th(GMT+9), an official of Bananatok said that it will share BNA, Bananatok’s own digital asset, with Bananians(Bananatok users) by Mansour event: 30 million won BNA airdrop; 10 million BNA buyback, equivalent to 300 million won; 100 million BNA burning.

Shortly after the number of its users record 10K, Mansour event will begin. Then, BNA airdrop event will be held on next afternoon, 5pm and 9pm, for 3 days. 100,000 BNA will be offered in each airdrop events.


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