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The lies that you’ve been told

This is my first text. If any idiot today can share his opinionated opinion on the world wide web of mass misinformation, why should I exclude myself?

I’m writing this for the people who have read how awesome open source world is, and how linux is safer, more stable, customizable, and gives you your privacy back… Oh, and the terms power-user and freedom is thrown a lot these days. Ooh, power! And I can use it… Yeah, right…

Quick note. I’ve never used an apple product for more than an hour in my entire life combined, so I ain’t qualified to judge. I’m here to defend the senseless Windows bashing crap from the open source community dicks (not the entire open source community, just those who are plain, all-knowing dicks). Also, I’m not gonna bash Linux either (bash, linux, pun intended). Linux has it’s purpose of course, and it does it’s job well. The problem arises when egomaniacs start spreading lies because they expect everyone to love what they love too. But most of them doesn’t even know what the hell are they talking about. Expect some bad language, and whenever I use a phrase takes time or similar I’m gonna count how many times I’ve used it. So tt=0

1) Linux is now user friendly

Mwahahahaha! Comedy gold… Frankly, I don’t think that anybody who claims this in all true honesty, doesn’t actually understand what user friendliness means. One guy ( I’m sorry, I can’t find the link ) mentioned that people are afraid of using Linux is because of the Terminal. They think it’s somehow hard, while it’s actually a real breeze. Jeez… Truth to be told, if you wanna use this thing, you’re pretty much bound to learn how to operate in it. It isn’t hard to learn, but it takes time (tt=1)… Time that you can spend on learning something else, because it’s the 21st century, and many people who work in the IT, didn’t spend years on making great GUIs for nothing. We people are visual creatures. Try spending a day blindfolded. Unless learning this stuff is your goal, stop even considering. It’ll take a lot of time for your mind to process the terminal’s output into some useful picture

2) Stability

The days when the Windows was considered an unstable operating system, ended around time when Windows XP came out. I can’t remember that that thing ever crashed. All linux distributions have more or less stable and rolling-release editions. The names speak for themselves… Pick the stable version, and you’re safe. The crash ( that will come inevitably ) will be the result of user’s ignorance. I’ve crashed my linux distros many times, but I can’t blame the distro for it. I was expecting mistakes on my part, and backed up all of the significant data before doing anything not so obviously stupid.

Another quick note… If you’re thinking about Windows updates, well, you can disable them with ease, then turn them back on whenever it suits you.

3) Customization, freedom, power-user

Ahh… my top three favorite excuses to ditch Windows or Mac. This is gonna be a bit messed up section, because these three statements are coupled tightly.

First of all, when most people talk about customization, they usually refer to changing icons, desktop environments, and whatnot. This is the same as changing those stuff on an Android phone. The linux gives you freedom to choose… Yes it does, but you’re focusing on the wrong aspects of it. The real power comes from the ability to tinker with the system itself. Tinkering with the system? Well that sounds awesome! Well that sounds awfully complicated to me. To do anything meaningful, you’ll have to know a lot. And I mean a lot! Just planning on how you’ll format your HDD/SDD, and what partitions you should use, and how to format them, can take serious time (tt=2). Sure, you can let Ubuntu, Mint, or whatever to set em up automatically for you, but what happened to that freedom cry just then? Heck, the lack of software limits your freedom even more. Which reminds me, if you can find a certain software for linux, it doesn’t mean that you’ll find it for your linux distribution. Even if you do, there’s a large chance that you’ll have to resolve some package dependencies to get it working. This is almost always time consuming task (tt=3). Why waste your time, when you can have fully functional operating system that does such things with ease…? Power user is a term that is used to many times in the wrong context. The only ones who can call themselves the power users are the experts on the subject. And don’t forget that they can’t use any of the audio/photo/video/text/table editors that are used in any serious business company today. But that’s fine, because, their job is something else, and the job of everyone else is to be productive in other ways, not spend hours figuring out what the heck went wrong.

4) Privacy

Actually… I lied. This is my favorite reason people yap about after all. The big evil Micro$oft/Apple corporation is mining their data. Let’s switch to linux and tell all of our friends about it on twitter/facebook/instagram etc. Should I even explain?

You want privacy? Ditch Google and all of its products first (mainly your Android smartphone). Find some good ol’ Symbian. If you want the real privacy, cut the ethernet cable, break every communication device and find a cave.

5) Security

Gnu/Linux is the Unix like operating system. It is designed to serve several users at the same time. This means that you have a sysadmin who is deciding what will be installed on the system, and users who can use whatever he left available for them to use. This kind of control is excellent for managing a server computer, but the desktop/laptop at your home can only be used by one person at a time. Try plugging an extra mouse and keyboard to it, give it to your friend, and try to use the PC at the same time.

Since you’re the owner basically, you should be able to organize stuff the way you like it, so this multi-user environment on a desktop PC is redundant. Installing a harmful software on either Windows or Linux will end in the same way…

To whoever disagrees…

Doctors, lawyers, designers, pilots, nurses, accountants,… well most of the population should not be bothered by the inner workings of the OS, unless they themselves are interested in it. Stop preaching how easy and awesome it is.

Final comments

I do recommend Linux to anyone who’s interested to learn something new about the subject. Heck, go even further, try out BSD, or even pure Unix. But all of these as desktop OS choice? Please… Here’s some words from the people who know far more than I ever will on the subject: