As the title says, this article is for those who are looking for advice to enter into the programming world. It is aimed to address a few common things that I regularly stumble upon the internet. The following subjects will be covered:

Why this article is written?

The internet is a weird place. It is full of information… However, only ~5% of that information is the useful kind. Everything else are bland, unbiased articles that don’t really tell you anything conclusive… yet they all end with an ‘in cinclusion’ statement… funny…

The lies that you’ve been told

This is my first text. If any idiot today can share his opinionated opinion on the world wide web of mass misinformation, why should I exclude myself?

I’m writing this for the people who have read how awesome open source world is, and how linux is safer, more stable, customizable, and gives you your privacy back… Oh, and the terms power-user and freedom is thrown a lot these days. Ooh, power! And I can use it… Yeah, right…

Quick note. I’ve never used an apple product for more than an hour in my entire life combined, so I ain’t qualified…

Bananica Bananica

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