So it is day 20th of voluntary unemployment (let’s call it that). I have been kind of busy actually. I am still studying communications, so I have had a lot of readings and I still have a tiny part time job with a wellness influencer so I have had that too.

It seems like dropping everything and leave, although it sounds amazing and adventurous, cannot be done all of a sudden. First I have the paperwork from my apartment. Since I had a mortgage, it has taken a long time, and it will take some more weeks.

I’ve also had to do a lot of paper work, like cancelling bills, changing my address to my mom’s house (this is so ironic, because I constantly mocked dudes who lived with their mom’s and here I am at my mom’s house.) Anyway, it is not that bad, since she decided to go on vacations.

So I guess, I’ll be at my mom’s for a few more weeks. Besides the paperwork, I’ve had to do, I have been able to do stuff I didn’t have time for. I have been going to yoga at the park, and had a really lovely sun burn stain on my leg, I also went to a jazz concert. I went to a see a Canadian movie and a french movie. I also watched some more movies in Netflix. One I really enjoyed and I watched intentionally was “minimalim”, this a link in case you want to check it out, this people are great, and I guess I am heading the same way. I am reducing my belongings, my needs and my expenses and actually asking myself is it worth buying this? does this really make me happy? off course it is a process, but everything is a process right?

In the mid time, I am still here wondering what should I do next? after visiting my friend in Montevideo and help her make her house with plastic bottles and mud? should I do a little workaway? should I do a little couchsurfing?, should I really put an effort into my Instagram profile and try to become an influencer? right now, they are all great possibilities and they all sound great!

We will see what the future brings!

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