Blog 5/3/17

  1. The time that I had to ask for help was in a session of js workshop. It has been my great struggles to execute accurate code in js and asking for help was the only option for me to pass.
  2. The time that I have to deal with one of my colleague was during a group project in the class. This person is expressing a strong underestimation toward me and some of my other colleague. I decided not to be disturbed with his attitude and focused on my work, which I was able to do. I also gave my opinion to this person in order to deter such attitude.
  3. The biggest obstacle I had to face was mixing my code with my colleague’s code. I thought that if I made a single mistake during the process of combining them, it would ruin the entire code. So, I asked one of my instructors to guide me with the entire process in order not to cause any conflict.
  4. One of bad communication from my past is during my group’s scrum. Without fully understanding what was talked about, it is impossible to understand the specific goal for the day. It is impossible that I know what I will be working on for the entire day. I had to talk to my colleagues again and humbly asked for the information.
  5. Why use behavioral questions in interviews? It is important to ask an interviewee with such question in order to identify their pearsonal activity in such situation. These kind of question will give you an insight of how will this person behave in situations like those described in your question. Answers to behavioral question will guide the interviewer to have or not have a person with such solution on problems.
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