WHS Blog 5/19/17

Reflection: As a student of this magnificent class of Web Development for a year by spectacular instructors, there is no other review that I could provide but the highest of them all. It is academically and personally astounding. With the basic yet most important content for web developer to understand like HTML, CSS, and JS, this class just did that. With the guide of truly skilled teachers, student like me undoubtedly acquired the knowledge and abilities of a developer. Not only with the lesson in specific subject, but also personal potentiality.

Expectation: Before I took this class, I expected things like being able to hack websites and networks. That’s something that I have expected at the very first moment, but as time went on, I have learned things that holds more importance in this world. Leaving this class will have me prepared for the challenges that I might face in the future of website developing. I am equipped with the knowledge to make a website and how to operate them. This ability is because of this class and I deeply appreciate all to those who armed me with such understanding.

As a “jr dev”: To be labeled as one of the jr dev is one of the great achievement for taking this class. Because of the help of instructors from this prestigious institution, I was fortunate to experience the skilled performance of such people. It feels rewarding because a great group of smart people are somehow associated with me.

How I feel: Now that I am introduced to the general idea of web development, I feel like it’s an amazing type of career to be part of. It provides a continuous learning about computers and its languages. It feels like I hold a power to control something which is true for a coder toward a website. It is such great feeling.

Plan: After I finish this class, I might pursue a personal studies to increase my capabilities in coding. it is hard to just forget such power within the mind. Knowing how to fix and create websites is something that is not open to all. I am fortunate that I am one of those who got the chance to be in this class, and I plan to continue on learning about it.

Advice: I strongly advice to those coming to the web development world to always do the job. It is not easy to pass this class unless there’s a dedication and proficiency in the work that needs to be done. It is also important that students do extra coding to be able to master what is being taught in class. Most importantly, find a passion in coding, enjoy it. If you don’t good luck!

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