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CoinShell Beta Version is now online! It has joined BANCA platform with the third user case for BANCA token. As promised, CoinShell Beta Version has brought the community many more trading signals, including complicated trading signals, such as those based on neural networks. BANCA’s technology has again pushed the industry forward.

The new application still needs testing and its model parameters will need constant calibration. This will add to BANCA team’s maintenance workload, which already includes the maintenance of CoinAI and CoinUltra.

Parameters for all machine learning models are calibrated using historical data. Only…

BANCA Platform

The BANCA platform serves the global cryptocurrency community. BANCA’s dynamic eco-chain uses AI and expert system that includes automatic management. The BANCA platform analyzes Big Data and delivers precise services tailored to the specific needs of our individual users.


General Update:

CoinShell Deep Learning model uses a two-layer LSTM Recurrent Neural Network and each trading pair’s OHLCV data as inputs. It enables automatic search of useful features by AI and dynamic updates of model parameters. It is also more advanced to traditional technical signal models in terms of introducing non-linearity to better represent the real world.

CoinShell Regime Model is based on the behavioral structure of the crypto market as a whole. Using two simple regime measures frequently used in traditional financial world, we divide the whole history into four regimes. …

General Update:

In addition to more trading pairs and more possible signals, CoinShell Beta Version will also bring more customization for users. Our signal table will effectively become a watch list and each user can customize the watch list by selecting the trading pairs and signals that suit his own needs. BANCA always puts the users’ needs first!

All those features — more coverage, complicated signals and customization will make CoinShell Beta Version a significant upgrade on CoinShell Alpha Version. Also, it will bring new user case for BANCA token. Then BANCA token will have three user utilities!

Development Progress:

General Update:

In CoinShell Alpha Version, we only covered 10 of the most common trading pairs. Also, we only have the eight most classic types of signals from traditional technical analysis. However, with this relatively limited number of total signals, the system is not likely to output many convincing ideas at any point of time. This will be changed in CoinShell Beta version!

BANCA team has discussed and concluded that we are going to expand CoinShell’s coverage significantly in the Beta version. We are thinking about around 40 trading pairs, 6 additional traditional trading signals and couple of more complicated…

General Update:

As CoinShell Alpha Version launched on May 5th, BANCA platform now has three applications, each targeting a different angle of user needs.

As a reminder, our latest application, CoinShell, uses innovative machine learning technologies to facilitate short-term trading. In the Alpha version, we only include some most common trading pairs and the simplest trading signals. In the next version, that will be expanded to more complicated signals and also deep learning models.

Now BANCA team moves on to work on CoinShell Beta Version.

Development Progress:

1. Testing and launching of CoinShell Alpha Version are finished.

2. Updating of…

General Update:

BANCA team has finished the development of CoinShell Alpha version and has entered testing phase for the new product. We expect the testing to finish in about two weeks and CoinShell to meet the public in early May.

In this exciting moment, we are proud to announce that BANCA will soon have its third application. In addition to CoinAI and CoinUltra, the brand-new CoinShell will provide a complete different user experience by focusing on short-term market signals.

Before the launch of CoinShell, BANCA team would like to emphasize again, that CoinShell signals should serve as reference only when…

General Update:

BANCA team has almost finished development for CoinShell Alpha Version! We expect both front-end and back-end to complete in mid April despite the negative influence of COVID-19 to our progress. After that, we will put it in a testing environment and enter testing phase.

The COVID-19 virus has caused a dramatic downturn in global financial markets, including the crypto market. This volatile environment makes it very hard to make money through trading. …

General Update:

Due to the Coronavirus situation, Chinese government has lengthened Chinese New Year Holidays and further advised companies to have their employees work remotely. Considering the seriousness of the virus outbreak, like many other companies in China at the moment, BANCA team has continued its operation with all team members working from home. We expect to return to our office within one week. This will cause a little delay in the delivery of CoinShell but we still expect the alpha version to be completed and delivered in the first half of 2020.

When the modeling of our signals moves…

General Update:

In making predictions on crypto prices using LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) model, we have tried various methodologies and it seems to have the following conclusions:

1. The nature of the model is time series analysis (such as Autoregressive Model ARt, where t = length of training set), but more complicated than AR model is that we are using CHLOV (close, high, low, open, volume) data instead of simply closing prices;

2. When we lengthen the time span of training set, the result of the model will still change but converge when getting over a certain point, because…


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