FAQ — Bancor3D

Our hope is to conduct the Keynes experiment as smooth as possible. Any questions, please shoot us at email. We will keep this post updated. 

Keynes Times

Here are some commonly asked questions.

Q: Is it a bug? My dividends is not updated for a long time.

If no one is selling, there will be no dividends. Sounds cool, HODLers!

If there are selling, sit back and relax. Dividends will be updated periodically, not real time.

Q: Can I sell or buy keys when Bancor3D ends?


Q: Does the game end at 7 days? It starts at Oct, 1st, and ends at Oct 8th?

No, the game will continue as long as the countdown time is greater than 0. The countdown time is upper bounded by 7 days.

For example, let’s say the countdown is 6 days 23:53:20. If you buy 10 Keys, the countdown time will be 6 days 23:59:59. If you buy 2 Keys, the countdown time will be 6 days 23:55:20.

Q: What will happen if no one buy at the last 10 minute?

It’s highly impossible.

Before it happens, make it impossible.

If it happened, FAQ above indicates the answer.

Q: I cannot see my refer rewards. Why?

Make sure you’ve enrolled in the game. You will have no refer bonus if your name record is not found. Also, as always, don’t forget your account name on the invitation url. For example:

Q: Lets say I own 50% of the circulating supply of KEYs. If I just buy 1 key in the last 10 minutes, am I entitled to 50% of the pot or just (1 Key / Pot)% ?

If 5 keys bought in the last ten minutes, one of them is bought by you, you will get 1/5.

Q: If the timer ends and I have keys, can I still get EOS?

You can still claim your rewards within 24 hours after the game ends. And yes, of course, if you are the winner — buy at least 1 key in the last 10 minutes before it ends.

Q: Should I sell all my keys before the 10 minutes left?

Good idea. However price will drop, and other hunters will buy cheaper keys and extends the experiment.

Q: Selling is not-working. Withdraw is not working. Are you scam?

No. We think it works like a charm so far (if it’s not hacked). But feel free to shoot us an email with your account name. We will try our best to solve the problem with you.

Q: Can I sell at 50% of current price?

Other HODLers like your idea.

Q: Let’s say I buy 100 Keys, and then sell 99 of them. Can I still get dividends?

Yes, only for the remaining 1 Key. However, if you sell all of them, HODL time will be reset.

Q: How to play the game?

Get a wallet with EOS balance. It works on scatter Chrome extension for sure. And we are working on others. We will update the threads if more are supported.

If you are EOS wallets, please send us an email, and we will try our best to support your wallet.