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When we, here at BandLink, chat with young musicians, they often ask for one advice — what are simple and effective ways to promote their music. In this post, I decided to present 10 tips that can help you with that. Let’s go!

1.Release more singles, even if this strategy is not popular in your genre. It’s the reality of modern music consumption — the more often you remind your fans about yourself, the better your sales and, especially, streams are! …

As requested by many musicians, I publish here the guide for Facebook Pixel parameters (even earlier than an article on the benefit of retargeting for music).

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If you insert your Facebook pixel on BandLink, you will trigger the creation of the “BandLink” event in your Facebook ad manager. It will show visits to your smart page with the following parameters:


  • It is the name of the artist (Note, if the name is in Russian, it will be presented in special encoding, so you will need to use the transliterated one);
  • Allows you to select an audience of a particular…

This is one simple question I ask those who still keep driving traffic to their website, when they release new music. The question is as follows:

Why EMINEM does all his releases using smart links?

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He has a great website and is sure to have enough money to make a special page for a release… Why is it so that he does not promote his releases via the website?

Here is a link to the website:

Here is a link to the release page on a competitive service:

The answer to this question is very simple — the management…

Here I briefly list what our service can offer to those who organize concerts.

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The main thing is that it can increase the number of tickets sold. And here’s how:

1. Concert page (with several options for buying tickets)


  • When the ticket quota on one service runs out, your fans can buy tickets in another one (this case is from Eugen Merkushev of On-The-Go);
  • You can gather your audience using retargeting pixels (both from Facebook and VK);
  • You can target your future ads about a new release or a concert on the audience you gathered from the concert page;

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I continue a series of short, practical advice and recommendations on how musicians can use BandLink to effectively promote their music. In this post I will consider a simple and intuitive case for the promotion of a concert.

The main indicator of effective promotion of a concert is the number of tickets sold. Let’s see how BandLink can help you do this.

You register with BandLink and make a concert page, where you can specify several services offering tickets for your gig, as well as insert all the necessary retargeting pixels.

This concert was SOLD OUT !!!

Using BandLink for…

This is the first of a series of posts in which I gather practical advice on promotion of music. Below, musicians will learn how to make sure that their new release reaches their fans.

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Let’s go!)

BandLink, our smart link service, keeps actively growing and I have a lot of communications with various musicians and their representatives. And almost always our communication starts with a simple question — What can your service offer me?

My answer is BandLink can helps to make your music be heard by as many fans as possible, and it also helps to sell more tickets…

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