Best Resources for Fans of Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is an US songwriter as well as singer who has delighted fans from all over the world for more than 3 decades. He is widely acclaimed for his poetic lyrics, most of which dwell on issues such as the struggles of the American middle class and occasionally his political opinions. Springsteen’s very distinctive voice along with his long and vibrant live shows have, over the decades, endeared him to quite a large of rock music enthusiasts. To which end, he decided to found the E Street Band to assist him to deliver the very best possible stage performances to his fans.

Rise to fame
 This singer’s most critically and commercially successful studio albums are, without doubt, Born to Run that was released in 1975 and Born in the USA,’ which was released in 1984. Both of these albums ingeniously narrate the struggles Americans face in their day to day lives. It is very important to note that Bruce Springsteen has managed to sell over 120 million records globally, including 64 million in the US alone. This obviously enables him take his place among the ranks of the top best selling recording artists of all time. Also, over his long and glittering career, he has being able to bag numerous accolades and recognition for his work. Springsteen has won an impressive 20 Grammy Awards, 2 Golden Globe Awards and an Oscar Award. He has as well being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to name but a few of the recognition he has received.

What is the best online resource for Bruce Springsteen?
 There is a variety of websites that can provide you with resources for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street’ band. Still, the finest of all of them is his own official website By making the necessary effort to visit this site, you will be able to conveniently access all manner of accurate information about this musician. This includes up to date concert dates and venues, the very latest news, a timeline of his career and even an in-depth biography.

What is the best online source for Bruce Springsteen merchandise?
 Should you be on the prowl for hot Bruce Springsteen merchandise, and more particularly branded T-shirts, Band T-Shirt Archive can totally sort you out. This site offers many T-shirts based on this popular rock musician, which can bought on the online marketplace eBay. Some of the most notable are Greetings from Asbury Park, Born to Run, Born in the USA, The innocent & The E Street Shuffle, Nebraska, The Wild, N.J to mention just a few.