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Small urban living spaces

Over these past few days I have realized that if I give myself set proportions and area limitations, my designs seem to be better and more interesting. I guess that setting limits helps when thinking about what you can do in the limited space you have. You think about space differently.

Why design a home that you cannot visualize being anywhere? That’s why I have been trying to find locations around town and google maps that I can explore to the best of my rudimentary knowledge.

This time I’ve explore a seemingly empty area that belongs to a coffee shop wherein I’m a regular attendee. I’ve tried asking myself how could I make a living space out of this unused area? Following you’ll see the result.

This is the area I used to come up with my conception of this small living space.
This was the result…

While keeping the building at a minimum, there is enough space for all modern day necessities.

The living and kitchen area in bottom are connected to an external garden area.
The bedroom window is limited, ensuring the residents more privacy.
Solar panels guarantee a more sustainable home, while the solar roof over the bathroom area ensures privacy and a sense of openness.
An x-ray view of the property.
The spiral staircase at the corner of the living space fits with the design of the house while saving space.
The bedroom and bathroom are integrated due to glass walls that separate the space.
A view from the top of the building, which depicts the entire project.
All in all, the house fits into the neighboring buildings.

As usual, if you have any comments, please, make sure to write it down. Any points of view are most welcome!

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