Covid-19 and the obedience experiment.

I am no Doctor or medical expert, but I can’t help but feel that the handling of the coronavirus situation could have been better. The evidence is quite clear that some individuals are far more susceptible to dying from the virus than others. The large majority of fatalities were older people, people with compromised immune systems, breathing issues, and underlying health problems. Covid-19 has been the final nail in the coffin of people who would have perhaps died of their underlying conditions fairly soon anyway. I’m not knocking the lock-down approach, but was it the best option?

A total lock-down has no doubt saved lives, but at what cost? Many people have lost or will lose their business, their homes even. The long term effects are not yet know, but the forecast is dark. Personally I would have liked to have seen all of our efforts and resources focused on the most vulnerable in society. The elderly, frail, and infirm should have been our top priority, they should have been the focus. Those who are most at risk should most defiantly have self-isolated as well as being given priority treatment in hospitals and medical centers.

What is interesting is how obedient we have largely been in accepting a lock-down which is not enforceable by any law that I am aware of, and sacrificing their freedoms. Is the lock-down for the greater good? it’s hard to say. Certainly lives have been saved because of it but how many deaths will be directly attributed to the financial ruin that will be inflicted on so many? Can we expect to see a spike in suicides as a result of this? probably.

I am a firm believer in libertarian values, and although I am not overly critical of the lock-down per-se, I do think it is an infringement on our human rights to have been under house arrest. One thing is for sure, as a social experiment, world governments now know that we will give up our freedoms in certain circumstances, and this is powerful information in the hands of the wrong people. I like to think that governments have our best interests at heart, but I cannot shake the idea that a lot of the people at the top are in it for themselves and their personal interests far more than we would like to believe. Call me cynical, but I am not a big fan of big systems of government being able to control all aspects of our freedom and our lives. In the last two months we have told those in power that when motivated by fear, a fear that is perpetuated by a non-stop onslaught of media negativity and fear-mongering, we will surrender our freedoms.

Something about the stats does bother me, personally, I don’t fear Covid-19 any more than I fear the flu. With so many people asymptomatic, and so many people not even tested, I feel that the numbers are heavily skewed. The likelihood is that the death-rate is less than 1%, but the media frenzy would have us believe that we are dealing with the Bubonic Plague.

We have been conditioned into a state of fear, and that fear ha been weaponized against us, and we are following along blindly, without asking the questions that need to be answered. If the lock-down was meant as a social experiment, we have given the powers that be what they wanted.



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