Chain through which we are connected !!!

If you see the world , each and everything is connected so beautifully.These are those invisible dots which you will realise were there later when you are about to finish anything…one person is connected to another person like this nature,where waters are connected with cloud , trees are connected with water , fruits are connected with trees and have their own unique sweetness , fruits are connected with one individual’s likes for that fruit …

Nature god is that software which is programmed by love ,care,blood relationships,sad moments,happy moments and all beautiful emotions that allows you to connect to other person even when you are thousand miles away from them . We humans are the ID for that software named ‘NATURE’ through which we are connected.How is this possible that two. persons think about something same or care for each other even when they are so far away from each other..??

Whenever I am in trouble or going through any difficulties,how can this happen that my mom being oceans away from me,sense it and immediately calls me and starts to ask everything, somewhere knowing what I am going through!!!This is such a beautiful creation. made by mother’s nature which is termed as Attachment or Love..

Ritika Bajaj